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A World of Warcraft raiding guild on the EU server Bronze Dragonflight.

All visitors to the site are welcome to post in the public section of our forum (assuming you have a guildlaunch account).

To apply to Void Zone please read any sticky posts or announcements in the Recruitment section of our forum (click the forum link above) and then when you are ready to apply please click on the "Apply to Guild" link on the left hand side of the main page and complete the application.

If you wish to contact us in game please feel free to seek out the guild management: GM - Hexica   Officers - Laurelin, Needtodrink, Ypnofantases


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Nighthold raiding team

by Hexica, 2 days ago

After slowly getting a steady core back to raiding in Legion, we have made a fairly impressive and steady way of progression through the Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor raids. This proves that our method of raiding works and we will continue to do so in the Nighthold. Veterans and players relatively new to raiding have made their way to our guild and this resulted in a healthy balance of experience and eagerness for progression. Players that were eager to improve were being mentored and veterans are being inspired to form the guild into a community instead of a business-like group of names without any meaning. We strive to expand this community so all kinds of players feel welcome and at home here.


The new expansion shine has faded and now it's important to keep a steady raider base going so we can compete with the rest of the realm and rise in the rankings!


At the moment, we are looking for more strong dps players from most classes, currently wanted classes are specified in the widget on the left but exceptional players should always apply!


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